Hookah Bar

A place to meet new people and enjoy a night of fun and laughter – visit our upscale hookah lounge!

Hookah Bar

Hookah Bar | Xhale Bar & Lounge - Lake Tahoe, CA

If you’re looking for something to do or just want someplace to hang out, we invite you to join us at the best hookah bar Nevada has to offer. Xhale Lounge & Bar is the newest and trendiest social hotspot around.

Our hookah bar is a great place to meet new people. We provide a comfortable and relaxing place for you to enjoy smoking hookah and engage in conversation at the same time. Our hookah bar offers a variety of flavors for you to try or you can always stick to your favorite flavor. Hookah comes in cherry, apple, mint, chocolate, and licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon flavors to satisfy any taste buds.

Hookah, also known as shisha, is commonly passed around from person to person. Our hookah bar supplies enough hookaheven for the largest of crowds. There is no long waiting to experience the flavor of hookah.

Xhale Bar & Lounge is not your typical hookah bar. We strive to make your experience fulfilling. We want you to experience a night of hookah, dance and laughter. Our goal is to provide each customer with a wonderful experience whether it’s their first or third time. We want to give you something to brag about the next day.

If you’re looking for a new place to go after work, bring your co-workers to Xhale Bar & Lounge for conversation, hookah, fun, dance, laughter, and more hookah. A different kind of experience that your co-workers will be thanking you for. It’s a place to get to know your co-workers better, if you want to. If not, let them engage in conversation with someone else. They will be so busy, they won’t even notice!

If you’re looking for a different and exciting experience, discover Xhale Bar & Lounge, the best hookah bar in Lake Tahoe, CA!

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